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About Lambda

Lambda is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization for business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and the Las Vegas community at large. Our goal is to provide an environment of success for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and gay-friendly business community through the exchange of ideas, information and resources, creating a feeling of unity, pride and a sense of visibility. 

Lambda is a forum for the business community to develop relationships within the Las Vegas LGBTQ community through networking, mixers, special events, the Lambda Luncheon, the Lambda Business Association website and online directory. 

Lambda offers a number of great opportunities to network. These opportunities are scheduled at different times and days to give members a chance to participate. Some of these are: 

  1. The monthly Lambda community business luncheons (every 2nd Wednesday of the month). In addition to the informal networking before, during and after the luncheon, Lambda members are able to introduce themselves and talk briefly about their business. Usually, between 75 and 90 people (members and non-members) attend the monthly luncheons. 
  2. The many business expos and community events throughout the year at which Lambda participates and has a booth. Without any charge, members are able to participate at the Lambda booth by talking to event attendees about Lambda and their own businesses. 
  3. The other events which Lambda sponsors or in which Lambda participates. 

And, as importantly, at both the monthly Lambda Luncheons and the other Lambda events, members are able to place their business cards and/or other marketing materials in the "give-away" bags that are given to the attendees. 

Of course, the Members that experience the most success are those that consistently attend events, share ideas, information and leads. 

Lambda coordinates and participates in many special events each year to help Members grow their businesses, provide networking opportunities in the community and to be an example of UNITY in the community.

Code of Ethics

Inclusion, not exclusion.

While Lambda is the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce for Southern Nevada, we’re proud to claim many non-LGBTQ members as our allies. We’re in this for business, for equality, and even socialization. We don’t discriminate, even against folks "unfortunate enough" to not be LGBTQ.

  1. Members will conduct business with honesty, integrity, and fairness with respect to customers, clients, and employees. 
  2. Each member will be accessible and accountable to customers or clients and make every reasonable effort to act in the customers' or clients' best interest and benefit. 
  3. No member will discriminate based race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, or marital status. 
  4. Each member will be responsible at all times for truthful and non-deceptive advertising and promotion regarding his/her business and its products and services. 
  5. Each member will conduct business with strict adherence to the laws of the state where located and to business or professional codes existent for the particular business or profession and in accordance with generally accepted practices. 
  6. Each member will support the equality of all people in all areas of life.