April 2018: LGBT Economic Agenda Report from San Francisco

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Join Lambda board member Daniel Bakley and Executive Director Russ White as they return from San Francisco with exciting information from the Western Business Alliance Conference and Economic Summit. In this three-day conference, Daniel and Russ met with LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce leaders, LGBTQ business owners, corporate sponsors and civic leaders from San Francisco, and NGLCC representatives.

During the working sessions, chamber leaders from 22 LGBTQ chambers, convening from Vancouver to Austin, collaborated with each other and local LGBTQ business professionals and allies in San Francisco to address six core areas for LGBTQ economic growth in 2018. Daniel and Russ are excited to share findings from the conference and how Lambda will be addressing some of the issues this year.

  • Defining the needs of LGBTQ Millennial Entrepreneurs
  • Creating new LGBTQ Entrepreneurs through ‘Disruptive Technologies’
  • Removing Barriers to Transgender Economic Development
  • Thinking ‘Outside the Box’ in order to Access Capital
  • Address LGBTQ Homeless Youth issues from a regional perspective
  • Expanding LGBTQ Opportunities with Government/Private Sector Contracting

The public is invited to all Lambda’s lunch events. The cost is $25, inclusive.

Lambda, a 501(c)6 corporation, promotes and supports LGBTQ and allied businesses with networking opportunities and educational support.