March 2018: OMG! It's a BOGO Lunch

by Russ White
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OMG! it's an LGBTQ BOGO lunch about PrEP and PEP on HIV Treatment and Prevention

Lambda Business Association, Huntridge Family Clinic, and Gilead Sciences invite you to attend the March 14 Lambda Luncheon at The Center.

This month's speaker is Rob Phoenix, Nurse Practitioner, and owner of Huntridge Family Clinic, who will be talking about PrEP and PEP and how these prescription drugs can help prevent HIV. Huntridge Family Clinic specializes in serving the local LGBTQ community.

PrEP, short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is drug therapy for people who do not have HIV to help prevent HIV infection by taking a pill every day. The pill contains two medicines that are also used, in combination with other medicines, to treat HIV. When someone is exposed to HIV through sex or injection drug use, PrEP can help stop the virus from establishing a permanent infection. When used consistently, PrEP has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of HIV infection in people who are at substantial risk. PrEP is much less effective when it is not taken consistently. PrEP is a powerful HIV prevention tool and can be combined with condoms and other prevention methods to provide even greater protection than when used alone. People who use PrEP must commit to taking the drug daily and seeing their health care provider every 3 months for HIV testing and follow-up.

PEP, (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV-negative individuals take HIV medications after coming into contact with HIV to reduce their risk of becoming infected. PEP is a month-long course of drugs and must be started within 72 hours after possible exposure.

BOGO, of course, is “Buy One, Get One.” This month, Lambda is offering two lunches for the price of one. “This is a great way to promote the PEP and PrEP programs but also an incentive for our regular attendees to share their Lambda experience with a friend, co-worker, or colleague,” explained Lambda board member Rob Schlegel. “It’s not limited to those who regularly attend. If you’ve wanted to try one of our lunches, this is a great opportunity for two persons to attend for $25.”


Russ White